EthnicBffs is a Women Apparel Online Brand started in the year 2021 which has its offline roots since 1990. Our esteemed showroom is in Delhi since 1990 and we are one of the best known retailers in East Delhi for our variety and presence since many years. With just one year of online presence, we have catered to hundreds of clients in India and have 100% satisfaction rate. We are proud to have served all the states in India in just one year and have a long way to go.

EthnicBffs epitomizes culture, integrity and elegance. It is our intention to be recognized as a symbol of beauty where every lady should be inspired by EthnicBffs creativity and poise. EthnicBffs culture is to provide quality service, honest bond and encouragement to all by enhancing confidence in the individual wearing the design crafted by us.

Ethnicity, elegance and affordability is our key which represent our culture. We always promote MADE IN INDIA products so that the people in India benefit from every step that we take. We believe in providing products that fit to every category of body structure at the best of rates.

EthnicBffs caters to all your needs starting from daily wear clothing, office wear clothing, kitty parties, birthday celebrations or even wedding needs. EthnicBffs simply aims to be in every women’s wardrobe as the most LOVED PRODUCT.

Our existing customers are a part of our EthnicBffs Family, and we are extremely priviledged to have them. We would love to extend our Family and work harder for the happiness of all the beautiful ladies who would want to FLAUNT WEARING OUR BRAND-ETHNICBFFS